Weekly Update + New Goals


How did my first week of setting goals go you may wonder. Well I can say that I was successful in some ways and unsuccessful in others.


  • I practiced yoga 3 times and I did cardio 3 times
  • Eating less sweets: One of my most successful areas! Other than one night where I gave in and got a fro-yo after a particularly long and stressful day, I cut back greatly on my intake of snacks, candies and chocolates. I did have one square of dark chocolate (with hazelnuts) each night but that is definitely ok ๐Ÿ™‚
  • Eating more vegetables: I actually did eat more vegetables than I usually do (which is saying a lot). I had brussels sprouts from my garden, spinach salad, lots of carrots, sweet potatoes, sautรฉed kale, sautรฉed spinach and red peppers. One night I even made a veggie stir-fry and my husband who is severely anti-vegetable ate it all (except he picked out the brussels sprouts). This is one that I truly stuck to and will continue to as I have already planned our meals to be veggie-centric for the next week. Here are a few examples of some dishes I made this week (photo from my instagram)

spinach&redpepper sauteetuna stekas+stirfry


  • I got a little bout of food poisoning on Tuesday which de-railed my menu planning completely. For lunch on that day I had just a bowl of plain quinoa because I couldn’t keep down much more. This isn’t necessarily unhealthy but it did stop me from following my menu planning goals 100% as I had originally intended – it’s called a plan for a reason.
  • Yesterday evening (Valentine’s day) I went out to the most lovely dinner with my husband at one of our favorite restaurants. I want this blog to be as much about health and fitness as it is about lifestyle so I will blog about that experience in the next post, however, it led to me obviously eating richer and more excessively then I normally would (even for a “cheat” day). It was a special occasion though and I think that everything in moderation in life is a good thing, especially for a celebration.
  • One night (the same night that I had the fro-yo), instead of following my menu planning and making the earth-veggie bowls, for the same aforementioned reason of stress and tiredness, Livio and I just got take-away kebab for dinner. This is obviously OK every now and again but knowing that we were going out for a rich dinner on Friday should have prevented us from eating out such unhealthy food. Sometimes laziness and old habits take over but I think that part of making a plan should mean avoiding these things and not making excuses. It’s easy to think up a reason for why you did something – there is always a reason but setting goals and following them isn’t always supposed to be easy.
    excuses don't burn calories

So, as far as carrying out my new goals went, I would say that I am happy in some ways but that I definitely still have a long way to go to be completely satisfied. I think that I made some positive steps forward but that I should still make a concerted effort to keep trying to reach these goals. It is obviously hard to stay on a pre-set schedule when life gets in the way (such as food poisoning or a stressful day) but if I can stick it out on those days, then I will be more successful and sooner reach long term change.

I would also like to say that this week I plan on continuing to strive to reach the same goals:

  • Continue incorporating more vegetables into my diet
  • Try to actually meet the cardio/running goals this week
  • Continuing to eat less sugar overall
  • Try to do yoga a bit more (I only did it 3x this week – I would like to aim more for 4-5x even if some of those sessions are shorter)

I would also like to add two new goals:

  • Try to drink tea and cut down on coffee and milk for breakfast. I have for the longest time now had my daily morning cappuccino. I don’t think I will completely stop, every. single. day forever nor would I want to, however I think if the majority (4-5 days) of the week I can manage to drink tea instead of a cappuccino I am doing pretty well in making healthy changes and can afford then to permit myself a cappuccino or two as well. It will not only make those mornings a bit more special but tea has not only fewer calories but it is also a lot less taxing on your digestive and nervous systems compared to coffee.
  • Try to have 1-2 meatless meals per week (I have planned 2 into my menu planning, hopefully I will adhere more successfully this week!). By meatless I also mean not including fish. Although fish is a lot better for digestion and a lot less heavy then most meat, I still think it would be good for our health and budget to have a couple more meatless meals. They can also force you to think outside the box and be more creative than usual.


Ok – I will check back in as always in a week and post my menu plans so that if anyone is interested they can try to follow along or just see how one person is trying to make change. Just remember- Rome wasn’t built in a day and so set backs or plateaus are normal. The important thing is to not give up after one not-entirely successful week.


One response to “Weekly Update + New Goals

  1. Thank you for inspiring me SJ! This is my goal for the week:
    – Start incorporating vegetables.
    ….I know, I’m a bad ๐Ÿ˜ฆ ….but you motivate me to follow a healthier diet!!

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