Weekly Meal Planning

In order to meet your goals with success requires not only having them but also having a plan on how to meet them. Part of setting the goal to incorporate more vegetables and more variety of them into my meals means that I need to have a meal plan. Some people are good at just buying a bunch of staple ingredients and deciding on dinner at the last minute based on what they have. I can certainly be spontaneous and scrounge up a meal based on whatever I have on hand, although if I want to have more variety and more color it means I need to provide for it and have a set plan in order that I don’t just buy a bunch of random stuff and end up wasting half of it (which has happened more often then not in the past).

I like to make a tentative meal plan, buy the main pantry staples that don’t go bad in bulk in advance and the fresh stuff for the next couple of days after the shopping trip and then during the week make smaller trips to the market or supermarket to get what is necessary for a recipe (like meat or vegetables that go bad quickly). Here is my meal plan for my first attempt at adding more vegetables into my diet. I am also trying to have several different types of healthy proteins and although not go zero carbohydrate – you will note that I do not tend to go heavy on starches.

lunch: spinach and avocado salad + turkey or tuna
dinner: spice rubbed chicken breasts + roasted brussels sprouts (these are actually from my garden!) & sweet potatoes

lunch: frittata made with leftover brussels sprouts
dinner: steaks + radicchio salad

lunch: spinach and avocado salad + turkey or tuna
dinner: sauteed kale, lentil and quinoa earth bowls (I will do a post about this one further ahead)

Earth Bowl Inspiration

lunch: radicchio + tuna salad
dinner: roasted salmon or tuna steaks + veggie stir fry (here is where I would be more spontaneous and incorporate whichever veggies I have on hand)

lunch: scrambled eggs + kale & brussels sprouts sautéed
dinner: spice-rubbed pork chops + peas

lunch: finish up leftover salad or vegetables
dinner: dinner out for Valentine’s day

I will update next weekend to say how well I adhered to this plan and also to note any changes I had to make. I will also try to post any recipes that turn out particularly well- if I manage to photograph them!.


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