Setting Goals

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It seems fitting that my first post should be about the importance of setting goals. I have generally lived a healthy lifestyle my entire life. I have never been over or underweight. I don’t do drugs. I don’t do too much in excess. I exercise regularly. I sleep 8 hours every night (YES!).

However, I wake up every day unsatisfied with my progress, my body and my life. I realize that I am not nor will I ever be perfect and I will probably never be 100% satisfied with my body. That said, I also think I could improve some things. Improvement doesn’t come from wanting it though. It comes when you set realistic goals and have a point to measure them by; whether that be your waistline, your weight, your weekly mileage or hours spent in the gym, or any number of other factors you can use to measure your overall health and fitness.

I am not hear to say what is the best marker for measuring your success and setting your goals. I just personally would like to set some goals for my self, emphasis on the PERSONAL. What I mean by that is that goals are and should be personal. You cannot improve your self image if you are constantly comparing yourself to others progress or standards because you will probably never meet their goals. So that said, my goals now are going to be:

  • Eat less sweets. I already probably eat more vegetables than the average person, but I also eat more sweets. I have dessert almost every night. Now the fact that having a small treat every day can lead to a more manageable diet is because instead of depriving yourself you allow for that small treat every day. The problem is I have more than a small square of chocolate or scoop of gelato. I usually have several scoops covered with sauce and m&ms. I think that I could let that be a once-in-a-while treat and allow myself a healthier nightly treat or square of chocolate. This reduction in sweets will lead not only to a reduction in overall “empty calories” but also hopefully will help to improve my skin by reducing my sugar intake
  • Integrate more cardio into my exercise regime. Currently I go to the gym and use the elliptical 3 times per week for 35-45 minutes. This is great but I would like to add to that, not only more time (I think cardio should be done 5 times per week to be truly effective) but also other types. I think I will start out running again, perhaps integrating two times per week and building from there. I used to run track in high school and I loved it. I even used to be able to run for several hours. I now can run max 2 miles and it is quite difficult so I would like to improve this. I will start by adding two days of running to my already 3 days of elliptical-ing per week and see how that goes. I am setting small goals and seeing if I can meet them as I find it more manageable.
  • Eat more vegetables. So, I actually do eat vegetables every day already. However the variety and amount are less than desirable – for me. This is why I am setting it as a personal goal. I would especially like to eat more green vegetables (broccoli, spinach, zucchini, brussels sprouts, kale, etc) and other colors of the rainbow (beets, sweet potatoes, carrots, cauliflower) to name a few. I love vegetables but I have fallen a bit off the wagon because my husband does not like them and so I try to just make the few that he does eat (literally – peas, lettuce, tomatoes) and that gravely reduces the variety and overall benefit that I could get from eating them. So I will try to make more types and hopefully he will follow suit and even if not it will be great for me!

spinach avocado


  • Do more yoga! I already do yoga at least twice per week, but with the amount of free time I have I could easily do more. Why do I not do it then? Well that is exactly the question I pose for myself and hence why I am setting it as a goal. I have only myself setting me back and to change that I cannot simply wake up every day and wait for it to happen. I have to set it as a goal and try to meet it.


Hopefully setting these 4 goals will help me wake up every day with a purpose and something to achieve. I think it is the first step at least. I also think writing it down here in the blog and then being held accountable for it (at least virtually) may help. I will report back in a week (next saturday) to see how this week goes and if I have success. I will also post my weekly meal plans, daily exercises and anything else inspirational that may help me along the way. Anyone else want to join in in setting goals with me?


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